Title of the project Application of Industrial Ecosystems Principles to Regional Development – ECOREG

LIFE07 ENV/RO/000690
The Project aims to test in Romania the concept of Industrial Symbiosis, which was successfully implemented through a governmental programme in the United Kingdom

Specific objectives

  • Reduction in raw material consumption, energy, utilities, by 2-5 % for all units through implementing innovative tools and instruments;
  • Reduction of waste generation and pollutant emissions by 5-20% for all units;
  • Conversion of wastes/by-products into resources (seconday materials);
  • Significant reduction of environmental impact by developing result-based programmes at the level of industrial units.


  • Increase of economic efficiency (through tehnological improvements, reduction of production costs);
  • Reduction in environmental expenditure.


  • Creation of new jobs;
  • Improvement of public image and of interrelation between industrial units;
  • Preservation and improvement of tourist potential of the pilot area.

Implementation period:
1st February 2009 – 1st October 2011

Pilot Area:
Suceava County

Total project budget: 880,700 euro, out of which:
LIFE+ Programme (41,48% of project’s value)
Co-financing Ministry of Environment (17,3% of project’s value)
Co-financing Ministry of Economy (22,53% of project’s value)
In-kind contributionof each partner (18,69% of project’s value)


This project is being implemented with financial support of the European Union through the LIFE+ Programme


Role of each Partner in the project

ECOREG is a pilot project aimed at testing the applicability of Industrial Symbiosis in Romania. This entails the reuse of resources and by-products used in one production cycle into another, thus creating mutually beneficial partnerships between companies in various sectors